Neeraj Aggarwal Photography


All humans are animals. Food, water, sleep, and shelter are the only true necessities required for us to survive.

But as our ancestors progressed through life “surviving,” humanity filled our lives. Basic food developed into extraordinary cuisine, and simple shelter grew into beautiful homes. Cultures were born - each unique to a native homeland and its people.

This is the difference between humans and animals - we don’t survive. We live.

To travel is to explore new places. To learn about culture and how people live. To hear new stories. To understand values and passion. To meet new people. To travel is to connect with our humanity.

I'm a photographer from the Bay Area, and I love to travel and explore new and exciting places. Everywhere I go, I strive to learn about the culture and capture the atmosphere through my photos. This website is a collection of some of my photos organized by location, along with a short journal of what I explored. This may include an itinerary for some of the trips or just brief overviews of each day.

This website is still under construction!

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