Bay Area

Apple Park

The new Apple headquarters is one of the most ambitious architectural projects undertaken in the Bay Area. Its Apple's crown jewel — a huge part of their legacy. Unveiled in 2011, it opened six years later with an estimated cost of $5B.

One of the first buildings opened was the public visitor center. There, people could explore a flagship Apple store, a café, and a space to learn about the project with augmented reality. Glass encompasses the visitor center, flooding the space with natural light.

I went around sunset, which actually turned out to be problematic, as the sun began to shine through the windows into my eyes. Even so, it was still an amazing experience. I loved exploring the surrounding buildings and learning about the architectural design language of Apple's new headquarters.

Funnily enough, due to the amount of glass and white floors, there have been reports of people walking into walls. People have also been getting vertigo from not being able to see off the edge of the building. Inside also boasts an open layout, which tends to become a loud and noisy work environment. This raises the question — is Apple's balance between aesthetics and functionality practical?

Main Street Cupertino

Just a couple blocks away from Apple's headquarters is Main Street Cupertino. It's a popular place where I meet friends since its at the heart of the Bay. In the middle is Philz Coffee, with a large grass opening and lots of space to run around.

I used to go often after high school, and still go to catch up with old friends. One of my favorite things to do is to just sit outside and read or work and watch as kids and dogs run around. Its comfortable and lets me get out of my head.