Bay Area

Apple Park

The new Apple headquarters is one of the most ambitious architectural projects undertaken in the Bay Area, considered the company's crown jewel. Unveiled in 2011, it opened six years later with an estimated cost of $5 billion. One of the first buildings to open was the public visitor center, which includes an Apple store, a café, and a space to learn about the building with augmented reality. The visitor center is encased by glass, and the space is flooded with natural light.

I visited the headquarters at sunset, which turned out to be a bit problematic because the sun shone directly into my eyes. Funnily enough, due to the large amount of glass and white floors, there have been reports of people walking into walls and experiencing vertigo from not being able to see the edge of the building.

Overall, I think it's a beautiful building that is easily recognizable from the sky when taking off or landing. But now, the traffic in Cupertino is too crazy for me to handle.

Main Street Cupertino

Just a couple blocks away from Apple's headquarters is Main Street Cupertino. It's a popular spot where I often meet friends for a coffee. In the middle of the plaza is Philz Coffee, with a large grass opening and lots of space to run around. Lots of tables are put outside, which is a fun place to study or work during the summer while watching kids and dogs play on the grass.