Bay Area

Castle Rock State Park & Sanborn County Park

Driving past Saratoga downtown, you come to a winding road lined with trees. Highway 9 is one of my favorite places to drive and clear my head, providing an escape from the Bay Area without having to go far. Along the way, there are several beautiful viewpoints that overlook the rolling hills. Some spots also have neat hiking trails that are rarely crowded.

The first time I visited Highway 9, I came with a small group of friends, and we took pictures along the road. We stopped near a viewpoint and hiked a bit to watch the sunset. By the time we came back down, it was pitch dark and freezing. None of us had brought warm clothing, but we were still determined to take pictures in the dark.

About a year later, I came back to Highway 9 for a small photoshoot with a friend. We went to Sanborn County Park, which is a quiet road with very few cars passing by. There are a couple of lakes nearby, and many different trails to explore. The road is also winding, which makes for a great background for photos.