Bay Area

Foothills Park

Foothills Park is exclusive to Palo Alto residents and those who accompany them. A park ranger told me it has to do with a bill passed in 1950s when Palo Alto was buying the land.

There is a lake in the middle, which often has ducks swimming in it. If you go at the right time of day, it is a wonderful place to take pictures. It's a lovely place to have a picnic, as there are large grass fields by the water. The sun sets into the hills in the background, which you can watch from a bench that overlooks the water.

Another great thing about Foothills Park is that it is close to other parks, such as Los Trancos, Monte Bello, and Skyline. These are great places to go to if you're looking for an outdoor adventure. It's a quaint little park that could make for a good escape.