Bay Area

Half Moon Bay

After school one day, a couple friends and I drove to Half Moon Bay to enjoy the rest of the day. Our plan was to get takeout and eat on the beach. We were looking for a good place to eat downtown for dinner, but we couldn't find anything that appealed to us. Instead, went to the local supermarket and got some sandwiches and fruit. We took our food to the beach and laid out a little picnic to watch the sunset.

There was a large water stream cutting through the beach, which we had to jump over to get to the waves. Along the shore, there were hundreds of dead jellyfish. Liz was brave enough to touch them and pick them up. When we turned back around, we saw a flock of seagulls playing with our stuff and eating our food. We had to run back to scare off the birds that had thrown our belongings everywhere.

After, we saw a cliffside with beautiful purple flowers. We went there to take some pictures, and watch the sun set above the ocean.

Devil's Slide

About a twenty-minute drive North from Halfmoon Bay, there are steep cliffs and hiking trails dubbed Devil's Slide. One of the main attractions in the area is Devil's Slide Bunker. Built in WWII as a lookout station, it was eventually abandoned and now is a tourist point.

It's covered in graffiti, with new art appearing every day. The view from the land looks out over the Pacific Coast, with stunning views of the rocks and cliffsides. It's also possible to climb the bunker and get onto the top, although this tends to be difficult if there is strong wind. Right by the bunker, there are also hiking trails (North) and a beach (South).