Summer, 2019

theres almost a fantastical or magical feeling to iceland, so strong that it extends to those who have never even visited. its obvious why the vikings wanted to deter other people from this beautiful place on the earth.

iceland is naturally beautiful, so much so that its untouched, raw nature everywhere you look.

we drove around the ring road for a week, stopping at so many different waterfalls. there are volcanoes, waterfalls, different colored sand beachs, glaciers. be careful of the speed traps that are placed around, it can easily rack up quite the bill :) theres the soft summer light hitting the numerous mountains at angels that illuminate details of the beautiful landscape.

its hard not to be inspired by this place. your mind easily escapes into what seems to be a different planet, so untouiched and beautiufl that you find not only yourself, but your mind lost in exploring what lies ahead. the creatiity is clear with the citiszens of iceland wriitng so many books (find the number here).

from the icelandic horses, hot springs, to the freezing weather, to the hot geo things in the ground, iceland is a one stop shop for any photogrpaher.