Summer 2019

Everyone hears about the charm and ethereal feeling of Iceland, but it's hard to truly understand without visiting. No matter how many waterfalls or mountains you dream of in your head, seeing them in front of your eyes doesn't compare. No wonder the Vikings wanted to protect this beautiful place from others. Iceland is beautiful thanks to its untouched nature everywhere you look. The light is a lot softer in the summer, which illuminates details of the natural landscape without it being too harsh. There's a lot to appreciate — the Icelandic horses, hot springs, the freezing weather, and geysers.

Our trip consisted of driving around the Ring Road. It circles Iceland and leads to many towns to explore. There are many opportunities to hike under waterfalls, sight see volcanoes and glaciers, and relax on different colored sand beaches.

This place will undeniably inspire anyone, bringing them into an environment of what seems to be another planet. I kept finding myself and my mind excited to explore what lie ahead. This creativity also influences the citizens as well — almost one in ten people of the population publishes a book.

One of my favorite places of Iceland was staying on a ranch, where there were free roaming horses. We seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, with land going as far as the eye can see. It made for a beautiful sunset, and an amazing feeling of being in such a unique place on the Earth. I kept imaging what life is like to live in Iceland, from the harsh winters to the wonderful summers.

Be careful of the speed traps! There are many that are strategically placed around the ring road, and the tickets are not cheap.

One of my favorite destinations in Iceland was Reykjafoss Falls. Its a bit hidden off the main road, so I wrote a small guide on how to get there.