Winter 2018

New Delhi

I've visited Delhi often in the past because my grandparents live there, but I rarely ever had the chance to explore the city. On my ninth visit, we decided to take a tour and see some of the sights. Driving around the city was just as chaotic as I remembered, with a crazy amount of traffic and honking. Even getting anywhere just a few miles away could take 30 minutes, so we decided to stay close to my grandparents' house.

One of the first places we visited was Qutub Minar, which is the tallest brick tower in the world. It's part of an old complex with many other buildings, and there are intricate engravings and scriptures embedded in the tower, walls, and different bricks. After that, we visited the Big Sikh temple, which was beautiful and calming. I really enjoyed exploring these two places, and it made me want to see more of Delhi on my next visit when time allows.