San Francisco

Grandview Park

In the middle of Sunset district, there is a tall hill with a park on the top, called Grandview Park. It requires climbing many stairs, but it is so worth it. At the top, there is a 360-degree view of the city, which is astounding if you're lucky enough to be there on a clear day. You can see all the way to the ocean front to the towers in Financial District. My favorite thing is being able to see the Golden Gate Park from end to end, as it makes you feel like you're truly floating above the city.

There's a bench that you can sit on and watch the clouds go by, as well as a narrow trail that goes around the hill so that you can soak in every single view. This is one of my favorite parks because of how it makes you feel that you have the city in your palms.

16th Avenue Tiled Steps

The 16th avenue steps are pretty in pictures, but breathtaking when in front of you. Each section of the steps has a unique theme, but the entire staircase flows together to create one cohesive piece of art. It's a lot of exercise to reach the top, but the reward is the watching the city fall below you as you climb higher.

I always wonder how they were able to get the shapes and pictures so perfectly with pieces of glass that look as if they had been randomly shattered. None of the pieces are uniform or well cut — all of them have jagged edges and look arbitrary. Next to the staircase are a beautiful display of succulents.