San Francisco

Clarion Alley & Harrington Galleries

Clarion Alley is a famous alleyway lined with graffiti art and murals from street artists. The art is living, as artists are always painting new beautiful art. There is also often a musician or band playing on the sidewalk, which becomes beautiful background music.

Close by to Clarion Alley is Harrington Galleries. If you walk into the store, head to the back. Soon, you should see a little room on the right. Turn in there, and immediately on the right you will see stairs leading up to the second floor.

Once you get upstairs, you are greeted with a huge empty floor with a rustic feel. Light pours through the windows lined along the walls. If you catch golden hour, the room has an even warmer, rustic hue. Sometimes, there are antiques and props that you can use to shoot, such as a vintage camera and ladders. Other times I’ve gone, the entire floor was empty. Even without the props, the aesthetic of the building makes it easy to take pictures anywhere.