Winter, 2019

Singapore is renowned for its modern city planning and strict rules on keeping the city clean. It's an innovative city, with its progress clear.

There are stark comparisons to be made throughout the city. For example, the integration of greenery throughout the dense city helps break up walls of concrete and buildings that seemingly go on forever, and offers a whiff of fresh air that otherwise would be difficult to get, like in New York.

Beyond that, it's crazy to see the difference of the value of money just within a couple miles of each other. Marina Bay is lined with designer shops and high-end stores which few can afford, but just a few streets away is a beautiful Hawker center where you can get a full meal for less than $5.

That was one of my favorite places to visit, because of how culturally diverse it was - it was shocking to see such a broad range of different cuisines in a single place.