Winter 2019

Singapore is renowned for its modern city planning and strict rules to keep the city clean. The success of this forward thinking was clear everywhere I visited.

As I explored the city, I found many stark contrasts between different atmospheres within. The tall, green trees lining the city streets break up the dense concrete buildings that go on forever. They offer a whiff of fresh air that otherwise would be difficult to get.The value of money within a couple miles of each other also changes drastically. Marina Bay is lined with designer shops and high-end stores which few can afford. Only a few streets away is a beautiful Hawker center where you can get a full meal for less than $5. Right after visiting Louis Vuitton Island, we ate at small street food stands where we could buy hundreds of meals for the price of one wallet. This contrast was unique to Singapore, as I haven't seen this anywhere else.

There are many incredible places to visit that push the boundaries of architecture. The Gardens by The Bay offer incredible building designs that don't exist anywhere else. My favorite was the Cloud Forest, because the fog gave the sense of mystery that cloaked the entire building. You could also climb to the top and see the city far away and look down to see the light falling in beautiful patterns.

Like Chinatown in San Francisco, there's a Little India in Singapore. I was surprised by how much it felt like I was in India; more than the culture, the streets and population contributed to this feeling. These communities are what make Singapore so culturally diverse and makes it one of my favorite places that I have visited.