Summer, 2014

Day 1

We begun our journey in the Jungfrau (Bern) region of Switzerland in a small village called Lauterbrunnen. The village is in the middle of a small valley, surrounded by stunning mountain ranges. Immediately, we hiked from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg. Once we reached, we had a lunch, paired with nice cheese.

After our lunch break, we took the train to Eigergletscher station, and then hiked down to Alpiglen. It was a moderate hike, but there was a waterfall along the way that was breathtaking, and made every single step worth it.

Day 2

First thing in the morning, we took the train to Wilderswil. This was our stop to take a small cogwheel up to the Schynige Platte, where we could see unique views of the mountain ranges of the Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau. Along with the views of the mountains, you could see the extensive lakes scattered along the Swiss landscape. All from one point, if you turned in a circle, you would come across a view of all the lakes and mountain ranges of central Switzerland.

Day 3

The Sphix, one of the highest observatories in the world, is almost 12,000ft above sea level. Of course, the main way to reach there is by train, of course. At the top, there is an amazing view of the surrounding areas.

Beyond just the views, however, there also were many activities to do at the top. On a sleigh, I watched as two husky dogs pulled me across a windy route along the top of the mountain, with the Sphinx never leaving my sight from my path.

For lunch, we went to the Lobhorner Hutt, where I enjoyed a lunch of hard cider, soup, fresh bread and racaletta, right in front of a beautiful view of the Jungfrau.

After, we went down a simple one hour trail around the base of Mönch to the Mönchsjochhütte. Because of the atmosphere, it was hard to catch a breath because of the thin air. Yet, the views that we could see along the hide made it all worth it.

Day 4

For our more relaxing day, we took a cable gondola to roam Grindlewalk. From there, we took a small hike to the top for a view of the lake. We then took a gondola to Bachalpsee Aare Gorge, where

Day 5

The Lake Brienz cruise took us from Interlaken to Brienz. After, we went to the Open Air Museum. We then visited Brienz by boat, which showcased fine woodworking and beautiful view of Giessbach falls.

Day 6

We took a train to Bern, where we visited the Rosengarten. From there, we walked to Bear Park and Altstadt.

Day 7

We took a cable car to Schilthorn / Gimmelwald, where we had a delicious lunch at Pension Gemmewald. From Murren / Trummelback falls Wintegg, we took a small cable car to Grutschalp/ We then went to Murren, where we walked through the village.

After, we went upto Schillthorn, and then hiked to Grutshalp.

Day 8

We went to Brienz, where we saw the Chapel Bridge and explored the old town. In the afternoon, we took a boat ride on the lake.