Summer, 2016

I took a one week cruise with my family, touring different parts of Alaska - it was perfect for our family, which included two of my little cousins aged around five years old.

The cruise ship took off from Seattle, where we were able to see the entire Seattle skyline come into view as we left the port. Before the first stop we went through Alaska's Inside Passage, knownn as a sceneic boat route through a lot of untouched land. It was particularly special because we were completely isolated from everybody else - there was no other boat on the water.

Our first port stop was Juneau. Though we had little planned when we arrived, there was a lot we found to do within the city. After exploring some different shops and coffee places, we went to see Mendenhall Glacier. One of the amazing parts about visiting this glacier was that there was a lot of information about how much impact global warming has had, visualizing how far back it has receded in just recent years.

After, we reached Skagway. There were less nature things to do here, and instead we focused on exploring the different aspects of the city. It was a great feeling to know that it was a cozy place tucked away in such a huge state. We watched a live show where there was a lumberjack competition, which was actually quite fun but scary to watch.

The last city that we visited was Ketchikan, where we again explored the city and enjoyed the forest through a short train ride through the mountains. It was really beautiful to think that there were so many of these small societies tucked away from city life. The train ride was beautiful and looped through the different mountains and went through various tunnels. I thought about how peaceful it would be to just live in the mountains.

On the way back, our cruise ship went into a little passage to see another glacier. Since we got so close to it, we were able to see it directly from our room. It was at the crack of dawn when the light was still soft, and it made an incredible view for the glacier. There were also many other smaller tourist boats that were gathered around.