Winter 2019

Indonesia sits in a far corner of the world, a long journey away from my hometown. The first thing I noticed when arriving was the quiet chaos of the traffic. All the streets, narrow or large, were jam packed with cars and motorcycles. Drivers randomly stopped in the middle of the road, and people were weaving in the traffic. Even with this disarray, I rarely heard honking. All the drivers were polite and patient and lined up behind to wait without any complaint.

The environment changed from city to city, sometimes so drastically it felt as if I was in a different country. In Ubud, I felt isolated in a jungle with lush trees and unpaved roads; in Bali, I felt like a tourist on the beach. No matter where I was, I continued to absorb the atmosphere as the days passed. To me, Indonesia is an isolated paradise where I stay, and nobody back home can bother me. The busy life is on the other side of the world beyond the reach of my thoughts, and I'm here relaxing with my toes in the sand.

But there's more to do than relaxing — there are many worlds to explore. Underwater, there are huge schools of fish to admire while snorkeling. The warm water and clear visibility made me lose track of time as I admired the colorful fish dancing within inches of my face. The vastness of the floor of the ocean is hard to fathom, it seems to extend forever. They also offer one of the best places in the world to scuba dive.