Winter 2018


Udaipur is a popular tourist location in India. Known for its royal palaces and lakes, the city offers a lot to learn and explore with its rich history. The City Palace itself could take up an entire day to tour and learn about.

The first thing that I noticed when I arrived was the prominent color of white in all of the buildings. The consistency of building colors gave the sense of harmony throughout the entire city. There are also many tranquil places to sit down and relax. After traveling for many days in Delhi, it made me realize how rare silence is within such a bustling and vibrant city.

One of my favorite moments in Udaipur was when we went on a sunset boat ride on one of the lakes. It was pure relaxation and bliss, watching the city shrink into the horizon as we approached a small island with a castle on it. The sunset was one of the most vibrant I've ever seen in my life — the entire sky lit up bright orange and pink. My entire family stood on the waterfront and enjoyed for a couple hours.

Taking the boat ride back to the city, the view shifted from the color of the sky to the lights along the coast. It was a weird feeling to see how vast and spread out they were.