Bay Area

Secret :)

Adventure with friends is one of my favorite parts of photography. One downside to exploring in the Bay Area is that it's difficult to find places that many people haven't already visited and put online. Finding new and unique places can be tricky.

Our goal was to find an undiscovered urban scene. We heard of a rumor that there is an abandoned train track somewhere below Foothill Expressway. For a couple of hours, we drove around and scoured the satellite view on the maps app to try to find it.

We came across the entrance at the start of golden hour. Never-ending graffiti lined the walls along the tracks, which seemed to extend forever. I couldn't help but wonder what this railroad might have looked like when used over fifty years ago.

The sound of cars echoed from overhead, contrasting from the serene feeling of freedom from other people. We walked up and down along the railroads, admiring the graffiti and stopping to take pictures. The most rewarding part of it was knowing that we had found a new place. After posting it on social media many friends asked us where it was — oh well, that's a secret for them to find!