Summer 2019

Kirkland Waterfront & Idylwood Park

My friend's genius idea was to get up at 4 AM and then go to Kirkland waterfront for a sunrise photoshoot. I was so tired I could barely even hold my head up as we drove there. Throughout the entire car ride, I was just a bobble head. When we arrived, we realized that the sun would be rising on the opposite side of the waterfront. But truthfully, it was still gorgeous - it was great to watch the sky turn from dark to a soft light that flooded the water. We took plenty of photos and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere.

We found a nice dock that extended out into the water for a better view. As we were about to leave, a large goose flock started crossing the only entry onto the dock, trapping us for 10 minutes. We were too scared to go around them and just watched the birds.

Our next stop was Idylwood Park by Lake Sammamish. It's a large green park with a lot of empty space and geese. The trees rustled in the peacefulness. As we walked to the shore, we noticed a man standing in the lake, fishing. This was a bit unusual as there was a pier less than 50 feet away where other people were fishing. It was nice to sit and relax as the sun continued to rise and people started to wake up.

We ended up falling asleep, and after waking up decided to get brunch in Bellevue downtown at a place called Chace's Pancake Corral for a dose of energy, where I enjoyed some egg Benedict and hot chocolate.